HR Fitness

HR Fitness is a tool designed to provide organisations with 360-degree feedback by appraising their current position in Human Resources relation functions. It is widely used by clients to enable the company to reach higher human resources and business performance whilst maintaining optimum levels of employee engagement and motivation.

How does HR FITNESS work?

A number of meetings are held with a representative sample of the workforce in order to understand and analyse HR aspects in practice. This review will proactively help to outline future requirements and recommendations to formulate the appropriate HR strategy and initiatives.  This detailed audit ensures that the most critical gaps are identified and brought to the surface.  The review will take into consideration employees’ feelings, views and ideas, while maintaining professionalism and confidentiality.

Mdina International

Mdina International specialises in tailor-made, leadership, management and sales development programmes, supported by our coaching and consultancy expertise. Our success stems from years of experience in the industry, being able to put hard measures on soft skills and being passionate about making a difference.